Der Schlummerbegleiter: Warum Kuscheltiere im Kinderbett so beliebt sind

The slumber companion: Why cuddly toys are so popular in a children's bed

The slumber companion: Why cuddly toys are so popular in a children's bed

It is a familiar picture: a child cuddles tightly FavoriteBefore it sinks into deep sleep. But why do cuddly toys have such a calming effect on children? And why are you often an indispensable part of the sleep ritual?

Calming through closeness

Cuddly toys can offer children a feeling of security and comfort. In a world that can sometimes be overwhelming and unpredictable, these soft companions offer a constant, familiar presence. Studies have shown that cuddly toys can lower the heart rate and blood pressure of children, which contributes to a more relaxed sleeping environment.

Rituals & resistance

For many children, sleep rituals are an important part of the sleep process. No matter if you read a lullaby or cuddling with one Cuddly toy - These rituals signal to the child that it is time to calm down and prepare for sleep. The constant presence of a cuddly toy can help children feel safe in a familiar environment, which makes falling asleep easier.

Conclusion: more than just one toy

For many children, a cuddly toy is more than just a toy. It is a friend, a protector and a safe harbor at night. The calming properties of Cuddle are not only anecdotic, but are also underpinned by scientific research. So the next time a little offspring presses his cuddly toy and slide into the world of dreams, you know that this little plush toy plays a big role in sleeping comfort.

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