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Adventskalender: Türchen 23 - Der Weihnachtszwerg

Advent calendar: Door 23 - The Christmas gnome

Advent calendar: Door 23 - The Christmas gnome

Door 23 - The Christmas gnome

You need:

your red OHK net
your white OHKnete

That's how it's done:

First you mix some red clay with your white clay today to get a pink tone. You need the pink for your nose, so you don't need very much of it.

Form a ball out of your red clay, this will become your belly, but you won't see that much of it afterwards, because next we'll form a white beard with our white clay. We put this on the stomach and let about a quarter of the red ball free at the top.

Now for the hat, you can shape it like we did on day 18 of our advent calendar:

With your red clay you first form a cone, which you can make a little "softer" with your fingers. Press in a little in the middle to make it crumbly and let it taper out a little further towards the bottom, so that your hat looks a little more "baggy". But this is not a must. We also shaped our tip a bit more slanted, so it looked a little softer.

Next, grab your white play dough and roll a long strand out of it, which you simply wrap completely around the bottom edge of your hat. You can press it down a bit or just leave it like that, it's entirely up to you. Finally, the white pompom, which of course you also form from your white playdough. Just roll a little ball out of it.

You can now place your finished hat on the red ball and snuggle it up a bit so that the transition looks more harmonious.

Finally, form an egg or a ball from your previously mixed pink dough, place this between the beard and the hat and your Christmas gnome is ready.

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