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Adventskalender: Türchen 21 - Der Pinguin

Advent calendar: Door 21 - The penguin

Advent calendar: Door 21 - The penguin

Door 21 - The penguin

You need:

your black OHK net
your white OHK net
your orange OHKnete
a cutting tool
a role

That's how it's done:

Take your black dough and roll it into a ball, which you then flatten. You can also roll out the dough and cut out with a circle cutter. Do it the way you like it or find it easier.

Now do the same with your white play dough. Cut out a heart shape above the circle, a triangle in the middle and round to the top. You then place this part on your black circle. 

Now it's your turn for the eyes, take your black dough and roll it into two balls of the same size and flatten them. You put these balls on the white play dough. What is missing? The nose - take the orange dough here, roll it out and cut out a small triangle. You put this in the middle under the eyes. And your penguin is done.

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