Slime aus schwindelerregender Höhe: Wie hoch kann Slime fallen?

Slime from a dizzying height: How high can slime fall?

Slime from a dizzying height: How high can slime fall?

Hey slime lovers! 🌟😘 Have you ever wondered how resistant your Favorite lime Really is? Well, there are actually crazy slime fans who drop this wobbly friend of great heights just to see if he is still fluffy And stay in shape! 🙈🌀

✈️ Flight mode: slime on! ✈️

Imagine you are in a plane or on a high mountain and just drop your slime - totally crazy, right? 😜 Some brave souls tried exactly that and it is sooo impressive! The good news: Many slimes even keep their shape from a great height! This is real slime magic, people! 🪄🌈

🥇 The record: slime from ... how high?! 🥇

Ready for a surprise? The current record holder dropped his slime from an altitude of an incredible 3,000 meters - and it remained intact! 😱🎉 It's almost like let him fall out of a flying hot air balloon! 🎈 Who would have thought that our sticky friend was so robust?

So, my dear Slime fans, the next time you knead your slime, remember that it can be a real adventurer! Maybe you will be the next record holder? 😏🚀

It is always curious and keen to experiment in the fantastic world of the Slimes! Until the next adventure! 😘🌍💚🍵

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