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News 2022 It´s Slime Time Messe

News 2022 It´s Slime Time Messe

News 2022 It´s Slime Time Messe

We are currently knee-deep in planning for a Slime fair in Hanover, which is planned for Jan / Feb 2022. Our idea is to bring the Slime community together again. We have considered the zoo in Hanover as our preferred location, because there you can rent rooms for individual events and the zoo is also a perfect location for young and old or a great family outing. We wish there were at least 20 to 25 slime makers. Everyone gets their own small stall where they can sell their slime creations. 

In addition, we are still working on one or the other highlight, e.g. a jelly beans bar, a waffle stand and other sweet ideas. We would also like to have a star guest from the slime scene visit us. But I can't say more about that yet. These are all rough thoughts on the Slime Fair. If you have any ideas or requests, you can write to me at any time, I look forward to every message.

New slime creations

Two new ones are coming this month Slimes from us to the shop. On the one hand there is our ABC Slime, a white butter slime with glitter and colorful sprinkles. As a special feature, the ABC Slime comes with a bracelet and letter beads that you can design individually. Second is our “Mein Kraft” slime, a jelly slime in green and brown clay at the bottom of the jar, plus extra sprinkles in three different shades of green and one  Braunton at the start. This slime is based on a game with many rough edges :-)

Mega Slime Set

Our Slime Sets are going really well at the moment. We are planning a -Mega Slime Set- where we will all our slime creations

in one Slime Set sell - of course at a great price. We might do this as a promotion before Christmas, which means the Slime Set is really only available for a limited time. As a discount, it will probably be 25% off the regular price. So if you are still looking for a Christmas present for children, you should take a look at our Slime Set.

Bye for now.

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  • Eine slime Messe wär echt cool, ich würde sogar extra nach Hannover fahren! Tolle Idee, weiter so, das mega paket wäre echt nice!

    Noelle on

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