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Make your dream slime!

Make your dream slime!

Make your dream slime!

There are so many variations with slime - the type of slime, the consistency that goes with it, the colors, the smell, with glitter, without glitter. There are so many different great supplies to mix and match. The choice is almost limitless. With our new article "Make your dream slime!" we want to give our customers the chance to create their very own slime. 


slimeslime.de naturally continues to develop its own creations

For example are two types Cloud Slime in planning or will be online soon. But for even more individuality we now have the "desired slime". To start, you can choose from eight different colors, ten different scents and ten different supplies. This selection alone gives you 3276 possible variations.

In the future we are planning even more choices for you. There should be different types of slime to choose from, e.g. B. Butter Slime or Cloud Slime. Then the colors and smells are to be expanded. You should also be able to choose whether you want your slime with glitter or without and in which color it should be. The aim is to offer our customers a very large selection of options. 


Slime is just a very creative product.

We like to be creative and develop new varieties, but our customers can also be creative and put together their desired slime. During implementation and delivery, we continue to make sure to use as little plastic as possible.

Bye for now!


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