Das Phänomen der Mitgebsel: Warum Kinder sie lieben.

The phenomenon of the sided: Why children they love.

The phenomenon of the sided: Why children they love.

Anyone who has ever been to a children's birthday or organized knows it: the moment when the little guests are eagerly stretching out their little hands at the end of the celebration Gap to obtain. But why are these gifts actually so fascinating for children? Let us immerse yourself in the world of childhood psychology and explore exactly what is behind this enthusiasm.

The principle of expectation: children and anticipation

Children live very much at the moment and are masters in looking forward to something. If you know that there is a gift at the end of a party, this anticipation is built up throughout the event. Psychologists emphasize that the principle of expectation is an essential part of the child's psyche. A gift at the Children's birthday Not only serves as a physical memory of the day, but also fulfills this expectation and anticipation, which has grown in the course of the celebration.

The child's reward system: Small gifts get friendship

A child's brain reacts particularly strongly to rewards. When a child receives a gift, the reward center is activated in the brain, which triggers a feeling of happiness and satisfaction. The idea that you will be rewarded for your presence and participation in the party strengthens the positive experience of the day.

In addition, children also teach children the value of giving and taking in social interactions. It conveys the message that it is nice to thank its guests for their time and society.

More than just a trend

The concept of fellow Children's birthday May appear like a new -fashioned trend for some, but in reality it reflects deeply rooted psychological processes. It is a combination of childish anticipation, the human need for reward and social giving and taking.

In conclusion, it can be said that there are more members of children's birthdays than just small gifts. They are a testimony to the child's ability to enjoy, expectation and gratitude. So next time you think about whether these little bags are necessary, remember glowing in the eyes of a child Gap opens. It is an easy way to give joy and at the same time convey valuable lessons about social interactions and gratitude.

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