10 Coole Ideen: Was Du alles mit unserer OHKnete kneten kannst!

10 cool ideas: What you can knead with our oh minet!

10 cool ideas: What you can knead with our oh minet!

Hey slime fans! Do you feel like a change and want to bring your creativity to the next level? Then we have just the thing for you: ours Oh! Handmade and from 100% natural ingredients, it is the ideal companion for all small and large artists out there.

From animals to spaceships: let your imagination run wild!

  1. Animals: How about a small zoo? Knead everything from elephants to butterflies.

  2. Plant flowers: Create your own knee jungle.

  3. Vehicles: Cars, trucks or even a spaceship? Everything possible!

  4. Miniature food: Who hasn't always wanted to bake a plastic pizza?

  5. Faces: Knead yourself or your friends. Super funny!

  6. Jewelry: Yes, you heard right. Knet bracelets or chains are the new trend.

  7. Houses & buildings: Create your own grade city.

  8. Tools: Hammer, screwdriver or entire tool boxes.

  9. Fantasy figures: Dragons, unicorns or goblins? You name it!

  10. Personalized followers: For backpacks, keys and more. Your personality in kneading shape!

Why Ohketen from Slimeslime is the best choice

Why should you for ours Oh decide? Quite simply: because she is awesome! It is not only environmentally friendly, but also promotes fine motor skills and creativity, according to a study by the renowned psychologist Dr. Richard Rende. It is also suitable for sensitive skin due to its natural ingredients. And honestly, handmade is always something special, isn't it?

Let's get Knetty!

So, grab a few potty of our oh miners and get started! We are excited to see what you will do. Give your creations to social media and link us so that we can admire your masterpieces!

Keep yourself into the hearts of people!

Your Slimeslime team

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