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#9 EMIL - Is pissed off.

#9 EMIL - Is pissed off.

Emil came home from school angry. He immediately ran to his room and slammed the door with a loud bang. It only took a few seconds for it to open again. His mother came in. "Tell me, what's the matter with you?" Emil sat pouting on his bed with his arms crossed over his chest. He had spread all his things on the floor on the way there. Apparently, the school backpack wasn't completely closed because some of the contents had fallen out. His mother registered all of this in the brief moment it took Emil to tell her answer: "Leave me alone!" But his mother had no intention of leaving her son alone in his current condition. On the contrary, she sat down at the foot of the bed and asked in a calm tone: "Is at school something happens?"
Emil couldn't hold back his tears any longer. His mother took him in her arms without a word and waited patiently for him to calm down.
Then Emil told her what had happened: »Felix is so mean. I had this little one package of biscuits and also wanted to share them with him. But while I wiped the blackboard and took away the dirty water, he just ate them up by himself. All cookies! not I got one.” He took a deep breath. 'And do you know what he said then?

His mother shook her head.

'He thought I didn't want any. No, they were just my biscuits. I then gave him the empty one Thrown the pack on his head and said he's no longer my friend." Emil's mother sighed. "You know what? I would say it's time for the Calming Bottle. she will you help you think. Perhaps you can find a solution to this problem yourself." took the small bulbous bottle from the shelf and handed it to him. They hadn't had the Calming Bottle for long, but it was almost as awesome as Emil's Miracle Slime. She was a true all-rounder. For example, she helped you to
calm down when something really stupid happened. Emil shook the bottle properly, put it on his bedside table and watched
which set many small objects in her stomach in motion. His mother left the room and quietly closed the door. Only when the last particle had come to a standstill did Emil close the for a long moment Eyes.
Then he put the Calmimg Bottle back in its place. He went into the living room whose mother was sitting on the couch reading a book. She looked up immediately when he entered the room.

"Well, are you feeling better?"

Emil nodded. “I think I acted stupid. It was just cookies, after all, wasn't it? the can be bought new. But I can't buy Felix again as a friend.« His mother smiled. "That's correct. I'm glad you see it that way. Do you know what you want to do now?" “Yeah, there's this new slime called OHSorry. I'll get a crucible and Felix give." "That's a great idea." When Emil came to school the next day, Felix was already sitting at the table and one was lying on Emil's side Packet of biscuits - the same kind that Felix had eaten alone the day before. Emil smiled slightly as he sat down in his chair.

Felix turned to him shyly.

"I'm sorry about yesterday." "Oh, I'm sorry." Emil took the Slime OHSorry out of his backpack and handed it to Felix. "Here for you. Are we still friends?" Felix smiled as he read the label. “Of course we're still friends. We will always be.' Emile was happy. Maybe OHSorry didn't need it, but that's how she felt Sorry even more symbolic.

Author: Bettina Huchler

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