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You probably didn't know it yet, but I'm an absolute dinosaur fan. Today, just before I wanted to grab my miracle slime, the doorbell rang. "Well, so early in the morning? I wondered, still in my pajamas, stumbling down the stairs to the door. I could hardly believe my eyes:

"Frau Professor!" I jumped for joy. dr in the arms of Tanja von Orrec. It was she who gave me my Miracle Slime a while ago and it was she who invented it too!

"Emil my dear," she greeted me and asked if she could be part of my adventure today. Of course she could! It's going to be wonderful! So I grabbed her hand and at the same time in my miracle slime, squeezed my eyes shut and wished for the land before time - to the dinosaurs.


“Well, that's a good start!” Frau Professor laughed and wiped a few splashes of mud from her face. "Luckily I wear glasses, huh?!" she continued to laugh. I was about to answer when the earth began to vibrate. We heard a thump thump thump coming towards us at slow and regular intervals. When we finally got to our feet and could look out over the rock in front of us, we spotted them. A Brachiosaurus herd ran past us across the wide, wide country. I had never seen anything more beautiful. These majestic animals, with their long necks. Even Frau Professor's mouth dropped open.


Frau Professor raised her arms and sniffed her armpits. "Well, it's not me," she announced, pointing a finger. "Oooops, that must have been me!" There was a rustle and a small Compsognathus jumped out of the pile of leaves next to us. He is said to have been the smallest dino that had existed. "He's talking!" Frau Professor jumped up and down, clapping her hands. I leaned down to the little one. "So you're a talking and smelly little dino. Can you explain to me why that is?" "I was sooo excited. I've never seen people. I always fart when I'm excited. I'm sorry!' the little one looked down at his paws, one of which drew small circles in the sand.

"Pah, that's nothing!" exclaimed Frau Professor. “Have you ever smelled a monkey fare? I've got a monkey, I can tell you, you fart on the scent of roses!' We talked to Luis for a while, that was Compsognathus' name.

He introduced us to some of his friends who were constantly running and showed us a tree whose fruit was so sweet that we couldn't stop eating it. The professor and I fell asleep with full stomachs, leaning against each other and dreaming of dinosaurs, races and farts.

Author: John Doh

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