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Milky Way 🌌 Jelly Cube Slime


Milky Way | Jelly Cube Slime | 250 ml

To a long time, with the Jelly Cube Slime Milky Way and his super brightly shining star and moon supplies. Become an astronaut and explored foreign galaxies. Accompany Emil on his journey and find out how he Professor Dr. Dr from Orrec was able to inspire for this great Jelly Cube Slime. The slime is super soft, smells fantastic and contains many Jelly Cubes to crush. If you switch off the light at night, to shine With the Milky Way not only the stars in the night sky, but also in your slime jar.

Our Milky Way smells👃🏻 After: Honey Blossom

  • 250 ml Jelly Cube Slime
  • exTra bag with bright supplies
  • Reusable slime tie from Ocean Plastic

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    😄 Do you know play corn? Let's use as packaging chips!

    Here you can find out some important information about our products: Slime Care

    All of our slimes are handmade, so there can be visual differences between the image and the product.Always store cool! Please note that Slime is a perishable product and reactivates after a time. The charms can sometimes vary according to availability. Danger! Not suitable for children from 0 to 3 years. Small parts. Slime is not edible. Keep slime from textiles. Wash hands before and after. Do not drink Activator and Softener. For each order you will get a bottle of Activator and a bottle of softener (with the exception of orders with exclusively the patch doses).

      Customer reviews

      Based on 12 reviews
      Really great

      Milky Way at first, but after a while knead it was okay. The smell is pleasant.

      Strong smell, but I liked him!

      As I said, the slime smelled very strongly of vanilla, milk etc.. But I liked it, even if the hands ray after kneading. Crushing the Jelly Cubes was fun, only a liquid ran on my hands, which made them very slippery. That is the only thing that I didn't like, but the slime itself was good to strike was not a problem, the consistency remained very good, perfectly fine!

      So la la ...

      I was looking forward to the slime - but when he arrived (I ordered another) he was extremely sticky. You can solve that with the activator, but I only got one bottle for both slimes and because the other was just as sticky I wasted the whole bottle for the two and they are still sticky. The smell is not that nice either, burns a bit while inhaling :( The cubes are also very firm and very large dresses not so pleasant when playing.

      Super sweet

      I ordered my very first slime and was thrilled when he arrived.
      Milkyway smells sweet and has a bit of the “bacon mice” sweets.
      Feels great and is a great relaxation for me ✨

      Julia Wagnef
      Not the worst not the best

      The slime Arrived in a pretty Bad Condition, Although Nothing Leaked the Slime was Incredibly Hard and not Stretchy at All, After Leaving It Next to The Heater for Multiple Hours It was Alright But the Major Flaw About This the Cubes, they Dissolved. They basically melted into the slime without leaving a trace Behind, it was still fun to play with but but, it what just what advertized exly.