Box "Bobby" 🐻 OHKnete 2x 250 ml + 1 slime giveaway & plush toy Bobby

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Because we want to change the world. Nonsense! Sure, we make sure that our products contain as little plastic as possible, but unfortunately we don't always succeed in that either. It is at least as important to us that our products are tested according to DIN Safety for Toys. We do because we think it's wonderful to make products with love - be it slime, play dough or a gift box. The product is the star. It has to be fun and beautiful. That's our goal. It is also important to us that we can manufacture most of the products ourselves. Firstly, we are not tied to suppliers etc. and secondly - and this is the more important point for us - we can be creative. If we have an idea, we can quickly implement and try it out on our own, without having to ask anyone - this is how fantastic things are created. Third and last point - and this one is not entirely uninteresting: We want to earn money - as a family in our environment. That's why we do everything in-house. Be it shooting pictures for our website, the production of slime and dough, the loving packaging of your products, brainstorming and so on.

But now enough chatter, buy what this stuff holds! ;-)

❤️ Our products

Tested according to DIN EN 71-1, DIN EN 71-2 and DIN EN 71-3 (borax) safety of toys

we mostly use food coloring in every slime and our OHKnete contains AleoVera oil

For our slime we only use water-soluble glue

our OHKnete is vegan and consists only of natural ingredients

💙 Our professionals

All products are tested in advance by the perfect target group - our own slime & kneading professionals. You can find out more here → Team Slime

If you're really not having fun, you'll get your money back up to 14 days after receipt of the goods - no ifs or buts.

Joint brainstorming for constantly new improvements and always new ideas for you.

💛 Our manufacture

Family Handmade near Hanover.

Every order is carried out with the utmost care and cleanliness.

All our orders are checked again at the end.

All of our work utensils are disinfected several times during production.

💚 Our packaging

Our boxes are made from grass paper (35%) and waste paper (65%).

Our packaging chips are made from plant starch and are 100% compostable.

Our supply bags are made of PVA and easily dissolve in water.

Our slime and play dough come in beautiful pots made from OCEAN PLASTIC. This is recycled plastic waste collected near the coast.

Box "Bobby" 🐻 OHKnete 2x 250 ml + 1 slime giveaway & plush toy Bobby

Bobby, our plush bear, likes to cuddle you. And not only does this box encourage you to cuddle, there are also no limits to the fun. With our putty, which is made from 100% natural ingredients, you also get one of our Slime giveaways in a 35 ml aluminum can and of course Bobby, the cute plush bear.

You are spoiled for choice - both with the dough and with your slime. If you have chosen two colors of play dough, they will come to you in 250 ml Oceanplastic jars. The OHKnete has a super soft feel, is great to roll out and cut out. You can also craft great things with the gift box and the packaging chips. Here you will find many ideas in our blog. Crafting, kneading and cuddling fun all in one.

Our plush bear 🐻 "Bobby" is in the gift box and cherry

Here summarized again:

  • 2x 250 ml OAKnete
  • 1x wish giveaway (Slime)
  • 1x plush toy Bobby (brand Minifeet)

Our plush bear "Bobby"

TÜV Rheinland has put our plush toys from the Minifeet brand through their paces. Like us, the Minifeet brand stands for the highest standards of quality, workmanship, material and, of course, safety. Therefore, it goes without saying that all products meet the legal requirements. In many cases, these are even exceeded.

All products come in our - beautifully designed - gift boxes. All you really have to do is tie a bow around it and you can give it away directly.

Good to know:

⚠️ contains wheat
✈️ Delivery time: -D - 3-5 working days
-AT- 5-7 working days
☝🏼free shipping within -D- from €50
😄 Do you know play corn? Let's use them as packaging chips!

Here you will find some important information about our products: Slime Care

Our OHKnete is handmade, so there may be visual differences between the image and the product come. Please note that playdough is a perishable product. Store play dough airtight. Our OHKnete contains wheat. Not suitable for children from 0 to 3 years. Small parts that can be swallowed. Play dough is not edible. Keep putty away from textiles. Wash hands before and after use.

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