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Einer für Alle und Alle für Slime.

One for all and all for Slime.

One for all and all for Slime.

New year, new ideas. Slime for EVERYONE. Last year was really very successful for us. The months of November and December were particularly good. We were really happy about that and of course we work every day to make it even better for you.

Of course, our thoughts are also about how slimeslime.de can be further expanded. We discussed many ideas, for example we considered including "Fred" products like Figed Spinner in the shop. The biggest problem is that all these "trend products" are made of plastic and this alone is an exclusion criterion for us to include the toys in the shop. Additionally, we just don't feel this toy. That's why we thought we'd do what we do best - namely slime!

And that's exactly why there's now Slime for AT.

For Grandma grandpa, Mama Papa and of course for them Kids not that we misunderstand each other here: all our Slime products 

are of course great fun for everyone. The slime varieties for grandma & grandpa simply have a slightly different consistency than the slimes for children. As far as smells are concerned, we also make sure that we meet the right target group. That's what ours smells like Granny Relax relaxed after lavender and our Oh Beer - you can guess three times: for beer, of course. And as I said, everyone can of course order everything and will certainly enjoy all the variants. We want up slimeslime.de make sure to increase our diversity.

More choice in gift boxes.

By expanding our target group, we naturally have more creative scope for ours gift boxes. Soon you will also be able to order gifts for grandma's birthday from us. In addition, we are working on a Father's Day gift. As you can see, there are almost no limits with the expansion and that's what makes us special: Be creative and try new things! 


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