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[DIY] Bau dir ein Parkhaus für deine Spielzeugautos

[DIY] Build a parking garage for your toy cars

[DIY] Build a parking garage for your toy cars

[DIY] Build a parking garage for your toy cars

have you already seen Recently there was already my first handicraft instructions for you, what to make of a Slime Box could still do. Perhaps one or the other of you thought that a Einhornstall more for girls. Then pay attention, because today we're making something that's more for boys. But of course girls can have fun with a parking garage for toy cars.

Step 1: Crop

All you need to build the garage is a cardboard box. The Slime Box is best suited for this. First cut off the blankets. But don't throw it away, because we'll use it to build our second parking deck.

In order for the cars to be able to drive into the car park at all, we obviously need a driveway. To do this, cut the cardboard twice on the front. Preferably a little more than twice as wide as your cars are. After all, we want to give oncoming traffic some space. Now fold down the driveway and your cars are granted entry.

Now we come to the upper parking level. To do this, fold the lid of the Slime Box together at the designated points and glue the overlapping corners.

Now cut a driveway on the long side here as well. However, this should not be exactly opposite the entrance, but a little to the side of it, so that your cars can not only drive onto the upper parking deck, but also use the lower one.

Cut off the top half of the edge that is still standing.

Now you shorten the parking deck by about half on the open side so that your cars can easily use the exit.

Step 2: Design

Before we finally put the car park together, you should paint it, stick it on, etc., as you wish. Otherwise, it will be difficult to get to the lower parking level later, for example if you want to draw in individual parking spaces or mark them out with colored adhesive tape.

Step 3: Assemble

Once your artistic skills are complete, all you have to do is glue in the upper parking deck. To do this, the edge is simply glued to the top of the inner wall so that both fit perfectly. You can also glue the driveway. To ensure that it holds better, we recommend using a slightly wider adhesive tape.

And your brand new multi-storey car park is finished and ready for your toy cars.

Well, would you have thought that from a simple Slime Box something so great can happen?

I wish you a lot of fun crafting. Feel free to send us photos of your parking garage so that we can admire your works of art.

All my love, Tanya

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