Heute testen wir: Cornwithslime

Today we test: Cornwithslime

Today we test: Cornwithslime

Slime from America at Cornwithslime

Ordered on: 26.01.2023
Delivered on: 04.02.2023

4x slime $ 69.76

Shipping: $ 56.56
Customs: € 3.16
Post exposure: € 6.00

In total: 128.04 € (converted into €)

Ladies and gentlemen

Please buckle up, here is the first slime test in 2023. Incidentally, the first test at all :-) Only briefly something about the evaluation: We award 1-5 stars, although you can also award half a star. All Slime makers we test have the greatest respect for us because we know how demanding it is to make a horny slime. We always evaluate fair and from our point of view, i.e. a slime fan.

We ordered from the Cornwithslime.com website. The Slime Business is larger in America VIIIEEEL than with us in Germany-unfortunately. How should I be able to afford a Ferrari here? Well, what is not can still be. Here we go!

Slime Maker:

The Slime Maker of the website is called Gleyna and is 20 years old (I am old). Cornwithslime has 251 thousand instagram and 125 thousand tiktok followers. Which of course are huge numbers. For comparison: we have a whopping and writing - take space for this hammer number, not that you get dizzy - 890 followers. Bow! I am ashamed.


The slime was sent with United States Portal Service. I find the shipping time of 9 days very quickly, because you shouldn't forget that the slime comes from America. The shipping costs are of course extremely high at $ 56.56, and customs of € 3.16 and a flat rate of € 6.00 is also available, for which it is. Of course, Gleyna cannot do anything for the high shipping costs.

Stars: 3.5

Image shipping boxShipping box


The slime was packed in a logo printed by the shipping company. The mucus were hit in tissue paper and also packed in a pink air film wrap. In addition, white packaging chips were included in protection. I have to say that I found the unboxing very boring. I would have liked a little more action or color. In my opinion, unboxing must be an experience. It is not easy to implement this and it also costs money, but it is definitely possible.

Stars: 2

UnboxingPacked slime

Add on's

Unfortunately there were no add ons, which I think with an order amount of $ 126.32 including shipping. At least I would have liked a little something and if it had been just a small bag of gummy bears. There was also no personal message. There was only a flyer (Slime Care) and a small bag of borax. I would have expected more and I also know that it is almost standard to add a little something to customers. Not good.

Stars: 2


We ordered the Mermaid Ice Cream a Cloud Dough Mucus and the Cookies & Cream Crunch A slushy x Bingsu mucus both are in size 8 oz (226 gr.). The cookies & cream crunch still had a bag with supplies.

The amount of supplies is okay, but I got more from other companies (we have much more supplies), but good. I can only say about the slime: wow, really good consistency, great smell. The mucus didn't glue a bit. So everyone from the Slimeslime team was thrilled. So, slime can Gleyna. Respect!

Stars: 4



You can compare ours a little of the consistency Floam B and Floam P With the cookies & cream crunch. We do not have the Mermaid Ice Cream, a cloud Dough Slime, in our range. But we will create a creating one for the next restock because the consistency is really mega.

Evaluation: 3 stars


Really good mucus from a large company from America. We were disappointed with unboxing and that there were no add ons. I would also have liked a little personal touch, but maybe the shop is so big that you just can't do it anymore. Who Knows!


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