Bloggers & influencers wanted for our Slimeiversum.

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We need you to make our Slime Shop better known!

We are looking for bloggers and influencers who fit our target group and report on our products. We know that every post means a lot of work for you - but we say in advance our currency 💰 is: slime and gratitude 🙏 . 

So if you want to report on an up-and-coming handmade slime shop from Germany, you are very welcome to contact us via WhatsApp or email.

The following variants can we imagine:

  • Competition, you choose products from our shop, which will then be raffled off on your blog
  • Testing, you choose products from our shop that you then test extensively and then report on them on your blog. (FAVOURITE) 
  • Guest Post, We are writing an article which will then be published on your blog, of course you can still choose products from our shop, which we will then give you as gifts. 

We are of course open to further ideas and ready for almost any outrage 😄.

We look forward to you.



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